Strategies for treating childhood sexual abuse.

Dr. Bates-Duford has engaged in extensive work and research on familial relationships, family trauma, and dysfunctions.

She is known for her work with traumatic experience and symptom re-emergence. With nearly 20 years in the field of behavioral sciences, she has been instrumental in her work with stabilizing families, helping individuals and families navigate the challenges of mental illness, as well as victims of abuse/ trauma, reprocess the memory of the trauma in a manners that no longer paralyzes nor interferes with daily functioning. She is an accomplished author of children’s books covering topics such as, conduct disorder, ADHD, parenting a child with special needs, and trauma.


"I believe in the power of families and excellent mental health services. My goal is to help families stay connected by teaching families healthy ways of improving communication, break familial dysfunctions, overcome trauma, and develop the skills and strategies needed."

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In this session, Dr Tarra Bates-Duford investigates what it means to be an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She explores both the immediate and latent implications of Childhood Sexual Abuse and the impact it has on familial, romantic, and social relationships.


A House of Smoke and Mirrors: A Story of Family Secrets and Lies

by Annie Berkley (Author), Margaret Harrell (Editor)

A House of Smoke and Mirrors tells the story of a little girl named Annie growing up in a family home filled with secrets and lies. Annie's father walked out on the family when Annie was just five years old, leaving her heartbroken and devastated.

Thinking nothing could compare to the loss of her father, Annie soon discovered she was horribly wrong, there are things far more damaging than abandonment. Shortly after her father leaves, Annie's brother began to take a deeper interest in her, a sinister interest involving physical abuse and molestation. In fact, he soon took over the whole family, lording over it in a monstrous fashion.

A true story of tragedy and survival, this pulls back the curtain on family abuse in a way that only an insider could narrate.

Articles by Tarra Bates-Duford

Blind Family Loyalties: 7 Types

Blind family loyalties can be both a benefit and a hindrance as blind loyalties can both build resiliency as well as keep us stuck in an ongoing cycle of dysfunction. Notably, most of our loyalties develop at an age that we are not yet conscious of them, believe that these loyalties should be accepted without question, and have been taught to follow out of respect for he family.


Dissociative Disorder: 8 Common Signs

Dissociative disorders change the way a person perceives and experiences reality leading to a distorted view of the world, individual experiences, and the manner in which the sufferers engage with others and the world around them. A dissociative disorder impairs the normal state of awareness and limits or alters ones sense of identity, memory or consciousness.


Harmful Family Lies, Secrets, and Legacies

Traumatic, painful, or life-changing secrets and lies can potentially damage an entire familys mental health and well-being for generations. The most frequently kept secrets within a family include, but are not limited to, finances, serious physical and mental health conditions, infidelities, incest and other abuses, addictions, and parentage.